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Ep. 142 Think You’re Cool? w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark


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Dr. Drew After Dark is back in Austin out of G-Bay Studios and we got a classic #BoothBoys episode! We start off the episode with trying to figure out what the new studio is called. Then it is revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Pinsky took out Nadav and Enny for dinner, and they all got wasted. We take some listener questions about enjoying white, confusing fantasies, leaky valves, insane wiping techniques, and team showers in high school. That takes us to rat tails, farts and fracturing balls with nut taps. We discuss some reasonable sleeping habits, a male squirting question, getting burned down south and going yellow too much. Nadav has questions about his body after working out for the first time in a long time relating to muscle soreness, going to the bathroom and getting jacked arms like Dr. Drew. We get a brown question that Enny is not impressed by, a question about someone who has a phobia of anything medical related and a question about growing even facial hair. We learn about bug pronouns which presents an interesting pattern that Drew is picking up on. What’s your pronoun?


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