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Ep. 133 Force Of Your Hole w/ The Booth Boys | Dr. Drew After Dark


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Welcome back to another episode of Dr. Drew After Dark! Dr. Drew starts us off this week reading your emails about poo-filled oceans and psychotic breaks. While checking in with the booth boys, Drew shares his recent experiment/experience with a marijuana vape pen. Dr. Nadav immediately offers his expertise on the subject. Our doctor then moves on to managing womens’ sex drive, and crying kinks. Dr. Enny offers his expertise as well. Later on, we find out Dr. Drew has yet another superpower… he can identify a woman’s refractory period… based only on their voice?!? Drew and the boys listen to a bunch of (female) viewer voicemails to test the theory. Afterwards, we watch TikToks, revisit Garth’s psychology/psychopathy, and get a little insight into Drew and Enny’s dominant/submissive tendencies.


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