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Eliza Bleu Speaks Out On Clubhouse Via Dose Of Dr. Drew. 7-12-21


Eliza Bleu is a survivor advocate for those effected by human trafficking.

The United Nations quotes human trafficking as the hidden figure of crime, with estimates showing that only 0.04% of survivors of human trafficking cases are identified. Our guest for today, Eliza Bleu, is one such survivor who miraculously survived a tragic case of human trafficking right here in the US. As a 17-year-old minor, Eliza moved to LA with big dreams of becoming a star. Forty-eight hours later, the man who promised her heaven on earth sold her to another man for a mere $500. Today Eliza is an advocate combating human, sex, and child trafficking, an industry worth $150 billion. In this episode, Eliza and I discuss facts and figures around human trafficking, detecting child sexual abuse material online, and the Stockholm syndrome in human trafficking.

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