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Aaron Carter Is Not Here: Dr. Drew Responds To Critics & Internet Bullies


Aaron Carter – a child star and pop singer since the 1990’s – was scheduled as a guest on Ask Dr. Drew this week. But after receiving a barrage of online attacks, he canceled his appearance. In the days after Aaron’s episode was announced, Dr. Drew’s show producers were inundated with hatemail from an organized group who obsessively tweets about Aaron’s past misdeeds and battles with addiction. Many of Aaron’s detractors have genuine concerns about his safety… but are their constant attacks actually intended to help someone who is struggling, or are they making things worse under the guise of “raising awareness”? Why are certain people so easily excluded from empathy simply because they are famous?
In this clip from November 15, 2021, Dr. Drew addresses the Internet hate mob, saying he would be happy to speak with Aaron Carter and offer him guidance toward sobriety.
“If somebody is fragile and struggling, the last f-ing thing I’m going to do is be harsh with them. My job is to DO NO HARM.” – Dr. Drew. • WATCH THE FULL EPISODE:

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