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Stevie D [Episode 258]

Stevie D [Episode 258]

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Drew opens the show this week welcoming his guest Steve ‘Stevie D’ DuPin to discuss his career in stand up comedy and his experience working through prostate cancer.  They also take some prostate cancer themed calls before Drew says goodbye to Stevie and moves on to more general phone calls.  Drew speaks to a variety of callers including one who was recently broken up with looking for what to do next and another who is worried that a friend of theirs is being abused in a retirement home.

Dr. Drew appreciates Steve coming onto the podcast . So please find  Stevie D on Facebook on Instagram , Or @steviedrocks on Twitter.

Also there’s more about his show is available at  Actorsentertainment.com  If this is not enough, he is also hanging out at steviedrocks.com and his book, “The Trans Am Diaries” can be found by clicking here, or going to the Amazon Banner to support our show!

The Trans Am Diaries: A Hillbilly’s Road Trip from Stand Up Comedy to Cancer…and Back Again

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Chris Laxamana Posted by drdrew.com staff.
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