I Cheated On My Spouse. What Should I Do? [Ask Dr. Drew]


I cheated on my spouse. It was a terrible mistake and I wish I could take it back. What can I do to help mend our relationship?

Asked by NC

Dr. Drew’s Answer

There are varying opinions on how to manage these issues but there is no one answer that is satisfactory for all situations. Whether or not to disclose this to your spouse is a very significant decision. Do not disclose simply to relieve your guilt. And certainly if you decide you are going to do so, it would be best in the setting of couples therapy with a professional present. How he or she is likely going to react must be taken in to consideration. The most important thing to remember is that cheating is one symptom of deeper problems – either with you emotionally or in your relationship. If you choose not to disclose this to your spouse and wish to heal your marriage, you must commit to it, stop cheating, and focus on healing.



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